Three Steps to Take Before Beginning a Home Restoration or Remodel

A Remodeled Living Room

The prospect of a home remodel or home restoration can be exciting! Home improvement projects not only add value, but they also increase the enjoyment and livability of a home. Consider these three steps to make the process a smooth one:

Determine the Budget
The budget is a great starting point because it allows homeowners to set up an initial plan for the project. Figuring out how much is needed for specific materials such as cement, lumber and plumbing work is the first step in considering cost. Next, the remaining funds can be divided out to the aesthetic categories such as flooring, fixtures and hardware.

Research Ideas
Once a style for the project is decided upon, start gathering visuals in the form of photographs, web images and magazine cutouts. Collecting ideas allows homeowners to piece together some of the major elements that will need to coordinate for the finished look.  (

Consider the Schedule
With a budget and framework of ideas in place, it’s time to talk schedule and timing. Consult with a home restoration or home remodel professional about the timeline for the project. Consider details such as major holidays and family vacations alongside decisions about when would be a good time for the kitchen to be under renovation. When the details, budget and schedule are in place, let the home improvement project begin!